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Elvis of Cambodia Sponsorship

Why Sponsor Elvis of Cambodia?

In 2023, Elvis of Cambodia will released and shared with the world!

It will begin with a screening at the converted Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, premiere in North America in Portland, Oregon followed by screenings in Long Beach, CA and Lowell, MA. Then in early 2024 the film will be screened on a nationwide tour of up to eight provinces throughout Cambodia.


It will then be enjoyed worldwide at international film festivals, theatrical screenings, community outreach presentations and much more.

Brand Awareness


Sponsoring Elvis of Cambodia is a unique and exciting opportunity to promote and garner brand awareness for your corporation or organization as well as to share your mission and ideology with Cambodian nationals, Cambodian refugees and non-Khmers worldwide.

Imagine the possibilities and impact of your brand recognition increasing exponentially and/or the awareness of your mission being recognized as your business or organization is discovered by your target consumer.

We would love for your company or organization to be part of Elvis of Cambodia as it travels the world and is shared and enjoyed by many, for many years to come.

Supporting Cambodian Arts and Culture and Cambodian Children


And in addition, your sponsorship will be supporting Cambodian non-profits as all profits generated from sales of the film will be shared between donations to Cambodian arts organizations, a Cambodian children's hospital and providing worldwide screenings of the film to those who otherwise could not afford or would not have access to see it.

We hope you see the benefit in playing an integral part in bringing this film and its launch into the world to fruition.

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