In 2014, over 60 percent of all businesses had videos made specifically for viewing on their internet presence. Video on your company’s website, no matter the scale of your business, can act as a powerful tool to clearly convey your mission, product details or story to an audience of potential clients.

Barang loves the internet.  So should you.


Corporate video doesn't have to suck! In fact, an excitingly innovative and creative corporate video can elevate your whole company image and the message you are trying to convey.


From concept to completion, we tell the story of your company.


We produce creative high quality commercial spots for your company on an extremely competitive budget.

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The world is your client. Bring that world directly to your business with one of our Travel & Tourism videos.


Commission the experience and intergrity of world-traveled Barang Films to create the story of your hotel, resort, far-away cafe, or travel destination, to garner overseas clients.


Since 2004, the Barangers have lived and traveled in and out of developing countries and some of the world's most challenging environs, working alongside non governmental and humanitarian organisations and telling of their efforts, missions and accomplishments via photography and film.


Whether editing award-winning feature documentaries, national television spots, or high profile web videos for internationally recognized companies, we have been offering post production services to a host of clients since 2002. 


Operating with either the Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro editing suites, Barang Films is a one-stop post production facility ready to suit all of your editing needs.

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