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Do You Like Sinn Sisamouth?

We recently shared with you that we need to raise $8,000 by Sunday 20th October, 2019 in order to start animation on Elvis of Cambodia, so we can depict Sinn Sisamouth's life in the film.

Well, our 5 year old son Flynn heard about it too and decided to go out onto the streets of Siem Reap and find out if people really like Sinn Sisamouth.

This is what he found out...

As you can see, it's pretty unanimous.

People really do like Sinn Sisamouth and they really do want to see him in Elvis of Cambodia.

Will you help?

We have six days to raise $6,000.

Whether it's $10, $20 or more. Every dollar helps.

Will you be a part of bringing Sinn Sisamouth's life to the big screen for all to see?

Thank you's and virtual hugs coming your way!

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