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Sharing The Adventures and Memories Of A Life Time

Legacy Projects

What are legacy projects?

If you love telling people's stories as much as we do then you will fully appreciate how excited we are to be able to capture and present the stories of people's lives to those that they love and care about.

The concept for creating legacy projects came from the love of listening to our own grand parents and parents telling their stories, and as we have gotten older, understanding the importance and impact our family stories can have on whole generations.

If you enjoy programs, such as, Who do you think you are? or you follow your genealogy through then this is something that may interest you too.

The premise of a legacy project (film) is to capture the stories that matter and that family members wish to share with others. It is a celebration of life as a whole and of life's adventures, loves and lessons.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out so we can talk further with you about how we may be able to capture and share your important memories or loved ones. |

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