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Fumi's Floral Shoppe

‘Fumi’s Floral Shoppe’ is a short film about one of Portland’s longest running family-owned businesses, Kern Park Flower Shoppe.


It is the story of five generations of a family who have played their part in running this Portland institution, which began in 1915 – this year marking the 100th anniversary. Integral to the story is 93-year-old Fumi Itami, a woman of Japanese descent and head of the family, who has seen the business through many changes and challenges, perhaps the most significant being the forced placement of Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WWII.


Ultimately, this is the story of resilience, courage, and empowerment of five generations of women doing whatever it takes to keep their families and community connected through this lovely shop that still operates in southeast Portland today.

This Film Was Proudly Funded By The Regional Arts and Culture Council


Watch Fumi's Floral Shoppe

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