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About Us

Since 2004, founder Chris G. Parkhurst, has been producing award-winning impactful, emotional, and wholly original stories for clients globally. 


With a client list comprising Nike, Adidas, and Intel, he has worked in a host of different mediums, including feature films, television commercials, web content, and documentary films.  


It is the culmination of these experiences that helps produce Barang Films signature brand of storytelling; the beautiful intersection where narrative and documentary collides.

Always passionately interested in media production, in 2006 Stephanie Vincenti garnered a BA Honours Degree in Media Production and Design, from the University of Hertfordshire, England, which has set the foundation for her career.


For over a decade, Stephanie worked in narrative film and television production, primarily as a 1st and 2nd Assistant Director in the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.


Over the past 5 years as producer of Barang Films she has moved into the world of corporate and commercial video and the exciting realm of documentary filmmaking.


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